Pregnancy is not the only risk associated with sexual activity.

If you have been sexually active it is important to be tested for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), which are sometimes called Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). Many STDs do not have any symptoms until damage has already been done to your body. Any type of sexual activity can put you at risk. Protect your health and educate yourself. Knowing the facts is an important step in making informed decisions and respecting yourself. We are here to support you. All of our services are free and your information is kept confidential.

FAQ’s About Sexual Health

Mend Pregnancy CenterYou are the only one who can take responsibility for your sexual health. Although extremely important to consider, sexual health is not just about avoiding sexually transmitted disease (STD) or about whether you get pregnant or not. A sexual relationship is a beautiful, wonderful part of marriage. When sex happens outside of that marriage relationship, the result is often disappointment and disaster. Every time you have sex with another person, that person gets a part of you. Not just the physical you – the emotional and spiritual you. We were created with a deep longing to be known by another person. Sex is the most intimate and intense kind of knowing that you can ever have with another human being. Sex done without the emotional commitment of marriage vows can be empty and without the meaning for which it was created.

What do I need to know about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)*?

Any sexually active person can contract an STD. Many STDs do NOT exhibit symptoms until the infection becomes advanced. Therefore, if you or your partner are infected with an STD, you may not realize it and will unknowingly spread the infection. If you choose to be sexually active, you should be checked at least yearly for STDs as well as after being with a new partner and if you become pregnant. You should also seek testing if you exhibit any symptoms such as: unusual discharge or odor, pain, itching or burning. If an STD goes undetected it can cause serious health problems. Some of these problems include: cervical cancer as well as other less common cancers, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which can lead to the inability to become pregnant or an ectopic pregnancy as well as health issues for an unborn baby.
This is the most common bacterial infection that women are diagnosed with; it is found in women who are not sexually active but more commonly in sexually active women. Treated with an antibiotic.